Common Questions

Common Questions

A smile is a curve that sets everything straight.

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01. Is Mexico dentistry safe?
If you search the Internet for top countries providing medical tourism, including dental tourism, Mexico is almost always in the top 5 destinations. Los Algodones is known for its charm, its small town beauty, and as a dental Mecca to Americans and Canadians. Because of Los Adgodones’ small size, the nearby Andrade-Los Algodones port of entry is small and open only between 6am and 10pm.
02. Are the dentists in Los Algodones trained in the United States
All of Amazing Dental Care’s dentists are licensed in Baja California, Mexico. Some of them obtained specialty licenses in the United States, too. Amazing Dental Care dentists graduated from the University of Baja California., which used American-developed textbooks and techniques.
03. Can my crowns/dentures/bridge be completed in 1 day?
No. For these procedures we need a minimum of 2 days. For complete restorations we need up to 4 days. At the time of your initial consultation, our dentists will provide you a recommended treatment plan, including an estimated timeline and cost.
04. Can my dental procedure be started the same day as my exam
Yes. Usually, we start your dental care immediately. A delay in your treatment may occur if you have an infection, taking medications for blood thinners, low dose aspirin, or fish oil. Our dentists will clarify this with you at the time of your initial consultation.
05. How do I know if Amazing Dental Care provides quality care?
Ask our past patients. See the referrals posted on our website. Ask us names of previous patients and their phone numbers.
06. How does Amazing Dental Care’s courtesy transportation work?
We drive you, we stay with you at the office, and we bring you back. The transportation is a boutique service and is limited to dental services at Amazing Dental Care.
07. Can I use the transportation for routine teeth cleaning and routine exam?
This is a difficult question. Our transportation is a courtesy and seating is limited. It is our priority to provide transportation for patients who receive extensive dental work and would be uncomfortable driving themselves. If seating is available, we extend this benefit to those who may need routine exams and cleaning. We find that this introduces patients to our lovely office and friendly staff.
08. Can my spouse or partner join me?
Transportation is intended for patients only. Please discuss your need with our scheduler.
09. Driving on your own?
We provide directions to our office and a list of hotels that our patients have recommended. Los Algodones is approximately 3 hours from Phoenix or 3 hours from San Diego. Many patient who drive to Los Algodones stay one of the many hotels in nearby Yuma, Arizona.

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