Prices & Services

Prices & Services

Services at Our Clinic

Please check price dates on any published material.
An exam is done for every new procedure.  We do not take x-rays unless needed.
There is no charge for digital x-rays. 

The $25.00 exam fee is not included in the cost of the procedure.
We will not do a cleaning without an exam.  $25.00 exam and $30.00 cleaning.

Ask your insurance provider if they accept international claims. We can complete an ADA form so you can be reimbursed. We are not staffed to work directly with your insurance company.

If you pay with a credit card or debit card, there will be a 5% addition to credit card transactions.
Discounts available: military uniformed services (active or not active), IPA, FOP, Blue Knights.

Bone Graft - Synthetic Bond Bone - per tooth area - $250
Bridge PFM (per tooth) - $250
Bridge Zirconia (per tooth) - $775
Deep cleaning (non-surgical) - per quadrant - $165.00
Prophylaxis Ultrasonic - add exam - $30.00
Surgical Periodontal - per quadrant - $250.00
Crown PFM - $240.00
Porcelain Fused to High Nobel Metal (Contains Nickel. Not recommended for front teeth)
Crowns - Zirconia - $450.00
Denture per plate - $450-$600
Denture (acrylic teeth) – per plate - $400.00
Denture (temporary after extractions) - $130.00
Denture Reline – per plate - $130.00
Implant Bridge - 3-unit $500 for additional units - $4,075.00
Implant Over-Denture 2-in-1 - $3,600.00
Implant Over-Denture 3-in-1 - $4,800.00
Implant Over-Denture 4-in-1 - $6,300.00
Implant Single Tooth (PFM crown) - $1,700.00
Implant Single Tooth (Zr crown) - $1,750.00
Root Canal - $450.00
Root Canal with Abscess (an additional visit needed) - $600.00
$100.00 for each additional hour

*Not covered under the warranty